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Before You (PoetrySlam)

Before you

You see me.

You look into my heart,

even if you know I don't like it

be so open in front of you.

It makes me feel uncomfortable,

I could hate myself for it

not to see my facade upright,

to let my wall collapse.

Even if it's just you,

who can see me like this,

You, who are always there,

I have nothing on in front of you.

No layers of cotton wool to act as a buffer

no baggy clothes to hide me.

I'm not standing in front of them,

only in front of you,

I can't scare you away.

I stand before you as I am,

how you created me.

Even if I don't like myself

and don't know what suits me.

Then I float in the open sea

without seeing any direction

and you bring me here to you,

only you can pull me to the shore.

I can rely on you,

give myself completely into your hands,

but I can't trust myself

cannot give up the rudder.

I'm so tense

doesn't want to lose control.

Not even in your hand.

Can't let myself be led.

And I'm floating in a vacuum

and what I should do

I hardly know

and my head is so full,

because I can't find my task

in this world balance.

But I think you have a plan

which I don't know anything about yet.

©Maike Pütz

Instagram: @123mai12

If you don't know what your plan is yet or you're not sure yet, I encourage you to take time to ask God!

God is good and knows exactly what is good and right for you!

Sometimes it's enough to just relax in his presence.


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  • Kornelia

    Habe das Überraschungspacket bekommen und bin total glücklich …so wundervolle Sachen, vielen Dank !!!! der Spruch ist Zauberhaft !

  • Christine

    Ich finde die Pullis super schön , vor allem zaubert der Spruch ein Lächeln ins Gesicht.

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