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It is in our hearts to support people who are not as fortunate as we are.  For this reason we support the “Radiant Eyes” project. Through direct contact with people who travel to Ukraine every year to distribute the gifts and food portions they have packed themselves, we can stand behind the project 100 percent.

We don't want only you to be able to save, we also want to pass some of it on.


Surely you know similar actions like these. Every year in November parcels are packed in Germany. This happens together with the “Radiant Eyes” project. These will then be transported together to Ukraine.

Bulk purchases are made and these are then packed in bags,

so that they can be passed on perfectly to families.

On location - in Ukraine

Distributed bags and packages together with the families and the Boy Scouts (Royal Rangers). Exciting conversations take place and for many people this is an absolute highlight of the year. In joint events, the focus is on music, fun and Jesus alongside the distribution activities.

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If you would like to donate beyond that, please write us a short message on Instagram or by email and we will send you the relevant details.

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