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Words upon words, but what do they mean? [Poetry slam)

words upon words,
but what do they mean?
I have a question, how are you?
I mean right now, right here and now...
Everyone always says they're fine,
But no one has the courage to say how they really feel.
What does the word good describe?
Does it mean you are rested or full of anger or you have courage?
Words upon words, but what do they mean?
Do they describe your sympathy, your empathy, harmony or your imagination?
Words are more than a series of letters,
Which have no real meaning.
Words can trigger different feelings in you.
But also feeding you harmful lies and untruths.
Words really have great power,
So be careful what you say.
Every good word from your mouth
Is a comforting plaster for a soul with an open wound.
Words can change people, so be a light
And show people a different perspective
On life,
Where there is hope, love and patience to experience.
Words upon words, but what do they mean?
Why waste time with negative chatter?
When loving words mean true joy?
Because these give support and happiness.
And that in a messed up life,
Which is actually like an unknown play.
You don't know what's happening
And why so many things are complicated
But everything is still planned.
The play by the director and the life of God.
Experiencing his love is the jackpot.
These words are intended to encourage and strengthen you.
You should definitely remember them
And tell others about it straight away.
However, choose the right words.
Listen: The words you are about to hear are true...
God is always there for you,
Not just this year.
He was there from the beginning,
When your life began.
Do you know how great and overwhelming his love is?
You can't put it into words,
But you can rely on it
That you can be who you are with him!
Even if you're not a perfectionist.
Words upon words, but what do they mean?
God only thinks good things about you.
He wants you to know his words and thoughts about you
And that you burn for it,
To do something good for someone.
Building people up through words.
Don't stand idly by,
But to consciously trust yourself.
So listen carefully to yourself
And take off your holy halo!
Be completely yourself,
Without you pretending to be someone.
listen to your heart
And let out all the sorrow and pain.
Take part in the beauty of life again,
Because now is the time to move.
The old days are over!
You are no longer trapped, you are free.
Words free your soul from pain
And help to say what you feel in your heart.
Words upon words, but what do they mean?
Don't look back into the past,
But look into the future, into your happiness.
Don't always think about sadness, pain and suffering,
But joy, love and contentment.
Of beautiful things like freedom, cheerfulness or the last vacation.
You have to enjoy what you have,
Instead of always thinking negatively,
Don't let dissatisfaction control your life.
There are so many things to be grateful for,
For example for the sunshine.
The warmth radiates all over the world.
All dark corners will be illuminated with light.
You too can be a light, you just have to dare
And look to God in every situation.
Words upon words, but what do they mean?
Do you actually know that you belong to God's family?
You are part of his structure
And if anyone says otherwise, it's a lie.
Because you weren't an accident, you were wanted.
God loves you unconditionally, you are worth more to him than gold.
By remembering the wisdom and power of God,
Does it help you win the emotional battle of your everyday life.
You just have to overcome all burdens and lies.
The gift of grace that Jesus gave you
When he died on the cross in pain,
Shows his infinite love for you.
You only exist through him,
God rejoiced when His best work of art appeared.
Words upon words, but what do they mean?
Words can do so much in a person's life.
They have healing effects and give people new perspectives.
God loves you
And no matter the situation, he won't let you down.
You are important to him.
And when you understand that, you live your life right.
God has a big plan for your life,
You just have to stop striving for worldly things.
His plan for your life is joy, peace and victory
And not destruction, suffering and war.
You can't disappear and run away.
God finds you and wants to ignite his fire in you.
Words upon words, but what do they mean?
If you ask too much of yourself,
Then there will only be disappointment and fear in your life.
Give God more space in your life.
He will forgive you your sins.
Realize how great God is
And notice that he misses his masterpiece.
If it lives without him
And doesn't strive for his will.
God needs you, exactly you.
Words upon words, but what do they mean?
You should leave a mark in the lives of others
And study the Word of God.
The words you just heard
Have given your body a full load of love and energy.
Do you notice a change inside you?
You should remember this encouragement.
Your eyes will then shimmer with joy every time.
Because who doesn't like to hear that they are loved
And that you can be who you really are?
You realize words have power.
I'll say it again, be careful with your choice of words.
Your words should show people the love of God,
There's no point in remaining silent
You have to get up,
go out,
Look people in the face
And say: “You are valuable!”
Because your words shouldn't hurt people,
You should appreciate other people through words.
By Salomé Gutsche
Instagram @s.gutsche
Ephesians 4:29
Don't let an ugly word pass your lips, but where it is needed, have a good word that helps and benefits everyone.
Ephesians 4:31-32
So away with all bitterness, anger, wrath and hateful talk. Do not shout at one another and banish all malice from your midst. Rather, be sociable and helpful. Forgive one another because God has also forgiven you through Christ.

Feel free to write your thoughts in the comments!
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13 Comentarios

  • Luisa

    …in Ewigkeit Amen! Herzlichen Dank für diese schönen und wahren Worte!! Sie haben mich sehr berührt und noch mehr die Tatsache, dass es so ist, wie der Autor schreibt. Danke! Gelobt sei der Herr, lasst uns in seiner Liebe bleiben.

  • Andrea

    Einfach wunderbar, dieser Text, man vergisst das so oft. Gott liebt uns über alles. Preiset den Herrn Halleluja

  • Alina

    Amen :)
    Vielen Dank:)

  • Biggi

    Wirklich schön…. Danke ♥
    Gibt es den Poetry Slam auch vorgetragen? Als Podcast oder Video?

  • Deshire Schmidt


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