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Backgrounds of Mountain Movers & exciting insights from the founder (About us)

I am Imanuel - the founder of Mountain Movers. I am now 20 years old and I am incredibly grateful for what God has done in our relationship with Mountain Movers and me over the last few years.
But first, briefly about me:
I grew up as a Christian in a small village in Saxony and was able to quickly experience in my youth how brilliant God is and that he loves me unconditionally.
Through various camps that I attended, I became increasingly aware that God has a good plan for me and that I can start a big project together with Him.
Through the various free times and under the guidance of some mentors, I was able to quickly learn a lot.
(Are you interested in which camps I attended and what I was able to learn there? If so, please write it in the comments below)
I was able to experience how God worked through me and miracles of all kinds happened in my environment. The brilliant thing about it?
There were miracles in a wide variety of areas.
For example, I was able to experience a lot of healing in those around me and in myself.
Do you know that, too? What miracles have you already experienced?
I founded Mountain Movers after graduating from high school in 2019. I knew then that I wanted to do something for and with God in my work.
So I asked God what His plan was for me.
After some time of prayer, I got the answer that I could study and make God great through my own brand and bring his message to the world.
So at the end of 2019 I started studying social work and founded Mountain-Movers.
Fun fact: At the beginning I didn't know what to call the brand. You can read how I came up with this below.
Favorite Bible verse and how Mountain Movers came about:
During the entire time, in addition to many prayers and conversations with other people, two Bible verses have had a big impact on me.
The first verse of the Bible is in Matthew 6:33
"Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness,
then everything will fall to you .”
Since the Bible verse is so important to me, I have also identified this or this way of life as a very important point for mountain movers. It's about God in all the work. If it is no longer about God, then the goal of Mountain Movers has been missed.
The second Bible verse is in Matthew 17:21:
"For truly I say to you, if you have faith like a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Be lifted up there,' and it will be lifted up; and nothing will be impossible for you."
I was fascinated by the idea that absolutely nothing is impossible and that even mountains can be moved. When I was naming the brand, it took me some time to think of this Bible verse. I had previously thought of various other names, but when I remembered this Bible verse, I knew it had something to do with it.
From this the idea “Mountain Movers” was born with the main message

Nothing is impossible through faith”

so “nothing is impossible for him who believes.”

To work
Since the beginning, Mountain-Movers has been working hand in hand with a German printing company, which has enabled us to release many new products in a short time and there is still a lot to come in the future.
I'm excited to see what God has in store for Mountain Movers, but I know He has good thoughts about it and a lot of awesome things are yet to come.
Are you on this journey and will you also become a mountain mover who moves mountains around you?


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  • Steinbach Janet

    Hier ist Frau Steinbach, ich habe per Vorkasse einen Kapuzen pullover bei Ihnen bestellt,die Nummer F80NKQUF6 im Wert von 66,90 Euro, wollte fragen wann dieser ankommt, ist ein Geschenk. Vielen Dank im voraus Steinbach Janet

  • Denise Allenspach

    Hallo, wo kommen die Stoffe her? Wo werden sie produziert?
    Bitte um baldige Antwort,

  • Lisa Isaak

    Hallo, ich habe bei euch ich meine im Mai, einen Pullover und eine Jacke bei Ihnen bestellt.

    Nun sah ich heute bei meinem Sohn dass die Schrift abgeht gerne kann ich Ihnen auch Fotos senden. Es war sein Geburtstagsgeschenk und er ist natürlich sehr traurig darüber. Ist ja auch sehr ärgerlich! Wie verfahren sie damit? Bitte um schnelle Rückmeldung


  • Alexander

    my name is Alexander a Shopify mentor. I really love your store look but I would love it if you could take your business to the next level.
    How do you elevate your business to new heights and increase profits without compromising product quality?
    This is a common concern that many drop shippers have shared with me. if you don’t mind I would like to share with you how to build an effective store structure and system.

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